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Healthy Restaurants KL – Five Spots to Kick Off 2020

Healthy Restaurants KL

Monica Tindall

With New Year’s Resolutions set, here’s a list of Healthy Restaurants KL to assist you to keep your good intentions.

Healthy Restaurants KL

Damai Studio & Café

Housed in a peaceful bungalow on the edge of downtown KL, Damai Studio & Cafe is a refreshing escape from the city’s bustle. A dedicated space for spiritual and holistic practices such as pilates, yoga, dance and meditation, is combined with a vegan café.

Damai Studio & Cafe Ampang
Damai Studio & Cafe

Parklife Bangsar South

Parklife Bangsar South serves delicious, healthy food and caters to vegans, pescatarians, meat-lovers, gluten-intolerant folks and more. Plants dominate filling 80% of the menu and are organic and locally sourced where possible.

healthy food Kuala Lumpur
Parklife Bangsar South 

Nourish by Kenny Hills – Healthy Restaurants KL

While word goes around about Nourish by Kenny Hills’ gluten-free options, healthy meals, refined sugar-free menu and more, one might accidentally bypass this gem classifying it purely as “that healthy place.” Nourish is so much more though. The meals are all so tasty you’d never know you were eating for wellness, and yes, that fussy five-year-old might even approve.

Nourish by Kenny Hills Bakers, Healthy Restaurants KL
Nourish by Kenny Hills – Healthy Restaurants KL 

The Good Co APW

“Nothing beats honest food.” In four short words, the tagline for The Good Co. captures volumes about the level of quality and wholesome simplicity of KL’s well-respected purveyor of health food. With these four words come four values, proudly displayed on their menu and website. From their kitchen prep to their sourcing, this is an organization that lives its mission and these values.

Vegetarian Bangsar
The Good Co APW 

Cock on Coal

Cock on Coal is undoubtedly a name we won’t forget, but try the food, and you’ll see it’s much more than just a catchy title. Founded on a simple concept of grilled chicken, it’s a healthier alternative in My Town Shopping. Even the dessert is nutritious (more on that here)!

Cock On Coal - Healthy Restaurants KL
Cock on Coal

What New Year’s Resolutions did you make? Do you have any favourite Healthy Restaurants KL?


  1. Happy New Year!! Healthy eating is important.

  2. Happy New Year, Monica! I don’t make resolutions but my mission this year is to eat healthier and cook more! As far as healthy eating out is concerned, my favorite is La Juiceria Goodness Greens [email protected]

  3. A healthy and prosperous 2020. Cheers Diane

    Re the birdlife in Australia, they really have some amazing birds. We have not visited for many years and I did not have a decent camera then!!

  4. January is Veganuary, right?
    Then, February must be Choconuary!
    I just coined this word myself. 😉

  5. Not into healthy eating but the platter at The Good Co looks good.

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