Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Lou Sang in the Sky

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Elements KL

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia

Monica Tindall

Lounge in the Sky takes the meaning of sky bar quite literally! Hoisting guests, the lounge and waitstaff, 150 feet in the air, the open-walled salon really does have guests drinking in the heavens.

Lounge in the Sky is the newest addition to a group of attractions by TwoSpicy Entertainment. Dinner in the Sky, Plane in the City, Whimsy, Le Petit Chef, Marco Polo and Tropical Colada have pathed the way for the latest inclusion.

Originating in Belgium, the unique design of Lounge in the Sky allows for intimate groups of up to four people, a larger space catering for up to 32 people and an add-on stage allowing live performances or other presentations to take place.

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Lou Sang in the Sky
On The Ground
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Lou Sang in the Sky
Crew Ready to Secure Guests In Their Seats

Lounge in the Sky Kuala Lumpur Menu

The views are not the only thing to feast your eyes upon. Chef Steve Ariffin has prepared a menu of canapes, and award-winning bartender, Osmund Bernard has curated a cocktail or two to sip on.

Our style preference is definitely boozy, so we skip the Queen of Dynasty and Yellow Fany mocktails and request the liquored-up recipe, Mother of the West. Tito’s vodka, spiced red vermouth, peach tea, lemon and kaffir lime leaf blend into a vibrant drink perfect for bringing in the best of Chinese New Year luck. (We’re here just days before the holiday, so have a good dose of celebratory spirit interwoven into the menu.)

Elements KL
Cocktails in Elements KL Before Departure


Getting started, a platter of canapes provides something light to nibble on. And, perhaps keeps nausea at bay for anyone not convinced that floating in the air is such a good idea after all. Sesame chicken with foie gras emulsion and baby herbs, along with prawn and cabbage wrapped in a Chinese style crepe make up the starters. The savouries are balanced with a couple of sweet bites. Strawberry and red bean mochi has a smooth consistency and bouncy chew to it. Lastly, a twist on tradition is given with pineapple tarts served with vanilla custard.

Coinciding with Chinese New Year, there’s a little something extra to ring in the festivities – yee sang. The famous salad typical of Malaysia and Singapore is served with each component separately arranged around a plate. Later we toss it together with especially long chopsticks – the higher the toss, the more prosperity will come your way. I guess we’re at an advantage here already being so many metres above the ground!

The Lounge in the Sky menu presents this dish with Atlantic salmon sashimi, salmon roe, marinated baby octopus, nutty bits (almonds, cashews and wasabi coated peanuts), crispy bits (gyoza chips & nori flakes), veggie bits (white radish & carrot), and finally, fruity bits (dehydrated mandarin orange and pomelo pulp.)

Additionally, we’re given mandarin oranges, and the bar can provide additional drinks for a price.

Lou Sang
Lou Sang in the Sky
Pineapple Tarts


On top of the thrill of floating in the sky, a DJ pumps out some party beats and staff are full of energy adding to the party atmosphere. They offer to take photos on our own devices but also capture a few professional shots with props (signboards and Chinese New Year scrolls). Later, photos can be viewed and purchased (2 for RM 49) back on the ground level.

Looking Down
Looking Down

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Price

See the flyers below for specific inclusions, upgrades and prices for Lounge in the Sky Malaysia. All include entrance to Elements Lounge in The Sky, a lou sang in the sky experience, four-course canape platter and two signature mocktails or one cocktail. Usually, Lounge in the Sky KL lasts for 40 minutes each session. The special Lou Sang in the Sky experience, however, runs for a full hour.

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Lou Sang in the Sky
Back on the Ground

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Review

To sum up, Lounge in the Sky Malaysia at Elements Kuala Lumpur is a fun and unique experience. It’s a great way to mark a special celebration or even a date night that will give you lots to converse about.

Reasons to visit Lounge in the Sky Malaysia: fun and memorable experience; especially great during celebrations when fireworks are going off around the city.

Lounge in the Sky Malaysia
Elements KL
Hive, Unit H-G-11, Trec,
438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
+ 6 03 2282 6413
[email protected]

Lounge in the Sky KL Operating Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
Four sessions every Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday (7:15 pm | 8:30 pm | 9:45 pm)
Six sessions every Friday & Saturday (7:15 pm | 8:30 pm | 9:45 pm |11:00 pm | 12:15 am)

Lou Sang in the Sky
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Price
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia, Lou Sang in the Sky
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Price
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Elements KL, Lou Sang in the Sky
Lounge in the Sky Malaysia Price

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  1. Wow I would never get my husband to go in there, and although I am very happy with heights I am not sure about this experience!!! Cheers Diane

  2. Wowwwwww!!!! *faints* No, thank you!

  3. Wow! That would be quite the experience! If the people are fastened in place and hoisted into the sky, what happens if one has to go to the bathroom?

  4. Oh my goodness! I did not know we have this in KL. Must be very exciting but not for those with fear of heights!

  5. Yee sang in the sky?
    You don’t get this everyday!

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