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Casual Dining KL – Five Spots to Dine with Friends

Casual Dining KL

Looking for a casual dining restaurant in KL to head to with a group of friends? Here are five places we’ve recently visited perfect for getting the crew together for a nice meal in a lovely setting.

Casual Dining KL

Brasserie Fritz

Reasons to visit Brasserie Fritz: fresh seafood and local ingredients, a largely organic wine list that will make you want to quit your job and become a sommelier, and French specialties Paris would be envious of. You will not regret finishing with the Rum Baba. A lovely spacious setting with options for al fresco dining.

Brasserie Fritz Pop-Up, Troika Sky Dining Casual Dining KL
Brasserie Fritz

Dusun by OpenHouse

Reasons to visit Dusun:  Stunning setting; a unique and contemporary tribute to the rich flavours of Malaysian barbecue; we loved everything from the grill, especially the chicken and highly recommend trying the Sira Ubi Kayu for dessert.

Dusun By Openhouse
Dusun By Openhouse – Casual Dining KL

Osteria Gamberoni

Reasons to visit Osteria Gamberoni: one of a few, if not the only restaurant to make both dry and fresh pasta in-house in Kuala Lumpur; seafood; great value, authentic Italian food; quality drinks and an open and classy atmosphere; gracious, the hospitable team with an Italian on the floor and another at the helm of the kitchen.

Fresh Pasta Kuala Lumpur Casual Dining KL
Osteria Gamberoni


Reasons to visit Bocado: the welcoming Spanish chef Ignasi, the charming interior and alfresco patio with great natural daylight and loads of greenery, and the sizeable Spanish menu; great for whiling a few hours away sipping your favourite beverage and nibbling on shared tapas.

Bocado KL Bukit Damansara
Bocado – Casual Dining KL

Gai by Darren Chin

Reasons to visit Gai by Darren Chin: While we would return for almost everything we tried, Jay Fai’s Crab Omelette and Lady Boss Nana Signature Tom Yum Seafood deserve special mention; we’ve barely scratched the wine list during our visit, so it would be interesting to pair the others we’ve seen with specific mains in future visits; calling the dishes “authentic” would be a severe understatement; casual and relaxed atmosphere; bragging rights for having dined at a Darren Chin restaurant.

Gai by Darren Chin Casual Dining KL
Gai by Darren Chin

What are your favourite restaurants for casual dining in KL? Share your love in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I do prefer it casual, no need to be in our best behavior at all times, can let our hair down. LOL!!!

  2. Looking at the restaurants featured here, I gravitate towards Brasserie Fritz the most coz I’m especially attracted by the escargots (cooked in garlic, butter & herbs is also my favourite way of having it) and steak frites. And what’s better than a rainbow trout?….a deboned trout…lol! 😉

  3. Nice simple list for when one ran out of ideas. 😀

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