Best Healthy Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Isn’t it a wonderful experience to return home from a delicious meal out and not feel guilty. Staying healthy is easy with these restaurants:

Best Healthy Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Living Food – Organic, lots of vegetarian options, grass fed beef, raw menu and scrummy guilt free desserts.

heathy, restaurant, cafe, vegetarian, raw, vegan, organic
Living Food Bistro

The Daily Habit – There are so many healthy options here you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Fish, chicken, vegetarian – all packed with nutrients and delicious too.

heathy, restaurant, cafe, vegetarian, raw, vegan, organic
The Daily Habit

Hit and Mrs. Bangsar – Okay, so the whole menu is not healthy, but with options like quinoa granola for brunch, there is certainly plenty to choose from.

heathy, restaurant, cafe, vegetarian, raw, vegan, organic
Hit and Mrs.

Culinary Capers – The best thing about Culinary Capers is that they deliver food to your doorstep. Party food that will keep your guests in a good mood with no regrets the next day – you can’t go wrong. 

heathy, restaurant, cafe, vegetarian, raw, vegan, organic
Culinary Capers

Lunch2U – A small but wonderful and ever changing lunch menu brought directly to your desk.

heathy, restaurant, cafe, vegetarian, raw, vegan, organic

Real and Wholesome – Very reasonably priced fresh salads, soups and sandwiches and one of the best coffees in town too.

healthy restaurant, kuala lumpur
Real and Wholesome (RAW)

Bella and Luca Pasta Fresca – Home made pasta fresh daily with whole wheat varieties to choose from.

Wholemeal homemade fresh pasta, Bella and Luca

What are your favourite guilt free options?
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  1. whole wheat pasta sounds good for me! πŸ˜€

  2. Home made pastas are definitely tasty! I'm definitely hoping that I'll be able to squeeze some time out of the schedule to give all their menus a sample. =)

  3. The food sample at Lunch2U looks nice!

  4. Ummm…I think I'd pass. Forgive me for I have sinned…

  5. It's gotta be "Real and Wholesome" for me. πŸ™‚

  6. love this list πŸ˜€ thank you <3

  7. Any tips for gluten free food?

    • Hi there, There are a few places around KL that prepare gluten free dishes, but not generally entire restaurants. Quite a few spots are making gluten free breads. The Shangri-La is one of them. Actually many big hotels will cater to gluten free is you ask them. I believe there's some gluten free options too in Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Let me know if you find places you're happy with so that we can share them with the community. πŸ™‚

  8. Love all these places! Healthy and delicious, double whammy πŸ™‚

  9. Would like to try out the wholemeal pasta, looks great!

  10. Hi,
    Loved all the restaurants..
    But would like to know where I can get alaskan wild salmon or sardines, spinach, walnuts, bone broths, avocado based foods in a single or multiple restaurant's menu.

    • Hi Dragunov,
      Ooh, I love all of those things too! Probably the Daily Habit is your best bet so far, but do let me know if you find a place. I'd love to visit!
      Warm regards,

    • Sure thing πŸ™‚
      But first I have to do a lot of stuff..Like finding an apartment and all
      Will definitely visit the daily habit
      And I am looking for everything healthy πŸ˜€

    • Hi
      Would love to visit the daily habit in that case and will let you know if I find my kind of menu for sure πŸ™‚
      But first the more important things like finding an apartment and all πŸ˜›
      And I want to go for everything healthy πŸ˜€

  11. Hi,
    All the restaurants are great..
    Also are there any restaurants which have alaskan wild salmon or sardines, walnuts and avocados, spinach and bone broth kind of recipes at a reasonable price.

  12. hi.. does the restaurant provide nutritional information in their menu?

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