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Dr.Inc Bangsar

DR.Inc, Bangsar, Coffee Desserts and Much More

Hannah Staley and Monica Tindall As my husband always says ‘it’s all about the story’ and DR.Inc, pronounced ‘Drink’, certainly tells a good story. Situated on a quiet leafy street in Bangsar, a visit to this laid back café allows its customers to experience a ‘sho…

Croisserie, Artisan Bakery, Plaza Damansara

Croisserie Artisan Bakery, Plaza Damansara

Huong Tran and Monica Tindall Croisserie Artisan Bakery, once a quaint neighborhood bakehouse, has taken on a refreshed lease of life with new management, a revamp of the menu, and an attractive renovation. Although appearing to be relatively small, this littl…

cafes in Kuala Lumpur

Awesome Canteen, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Words:  Dominique Montiel       Photos:  Monica Tindall When a restaurant’s name starts with the word ‘awesome’, it’s safe to say that you develop a sort of straightforward expectation of not only amazing food, but also service and atmosphere. I found myse…

best cheesecakes KL

Yummiest Cheesecakes in Kuala Lumpur

We do love our decadent desserts and you can’t get a much richer ending to a meal, or more luscious accompaniment to a cup of coffee, than a plump sweet slab of cheesecake. Here’s our favourites in our personal list of: Best Cheesecakes in Kuala Lumpur (…

cafe in TTDI

Pickle and Fig, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Words: Louise Miller         Photos: Monica Tindall If you’re in the mood to while away a few hours, grazing on wholesome and tasty paninis, salads or pasta dishes whilst sipping on fresh smoothies or a great coffee or two, head to TTDI’s Pickle and Fig where the …

halal cafe

Rondaevoo Cafe, Sri Damansara

Words: Monica R. Clear     Photos: Monica Tindall The first thing that hits you when you enter the Rondaevoo Café in Bandar Sri Damansara, after the verbal, “Welllllcommmmme!” from staff, is the space.  Rondaevoo has a great ambience – full of natural l…


Bread Lounge, GTower, Kuala Lumpur

Artisanal breads and third wave coffee beans is what first attracted our visit to the Bread Lounge in GTower Hotel. Upon arriving however, we’re too taken by the décor. I giant red chili sculpture centres the low lounges, and indoor plants line the surrounding …

Juliana Omar, Founder & Co-Owner of Bisque

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?   I started off wanting to start a business that needed a small amount of capital, and something related to food, as I love to cook, bake and eat.  I started experimenting with baking and flavours. I’d go back […]