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Ten Expat Comforts When You’re in Need of a Taste of Home

This is a time of year when many new expats arrive to Kuala Lumpur and are settling in trying to make the city their new home. Once the excitement of discovering the sights and tastes of what this wonderful country has to offer wears off, some might begin to feel a little homesick. This post is dedicated to those who are looking for a little taste of home.

Ten of Our Favourite Expat Comforts in Kuala Lumpur

Flint, Ampang

best restaurants in KL
Flint, Ampang

Good wine. Good food. Owner and wine expert Yin How Wong personally curates the list here and knows a decent chunk of the producers themselves personally. Importing directly he passes the favour onto guests being one of the only places we know of in Kuala Lumpur that has a large collection of high quality wines starting from RM70 per bottle (and that’s dine in!). Food too is superb: a few high quality ingredients are prepared simply either in the Bertha oven or the Drum-B-Q. Good all round.

Ashley’s by Living Food

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Ashley’s By Living Food

We know you’re not all meat lovers and that a good deal of you are vegetarians and vegans, and those who want plant based diets, gluten-free, dairy-free and raw recipes too. Ashley’s by Living Food is our go-to place as we particularly love her contemporary take on catering to dietary interests and use of under utilised Malaysian produce. Some items include organic free-range or wild caught meat too, so there’s something for everyone when dining in a group. For more vegetarian choices follow this link.

Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

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Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

For an authentic taste of the Big Apple, two New Yorkers (one of them a famous pizza chef from the city itself), bring you the taste of their home at Mikey’s Original New York Pizza. It’s not just pizza either, expect to find bona fide recipes for Philly Cheese Steak, Spaghetti Bolognese (just like Mikey’s mother makes), and Frozen Custard too.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar

top restaurants in Changkat
The Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar

For the Brits, The Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar has you covered with the classic namesake of course, but you’ll also be pleased to know they do veritable renditions of mushy peas, lamb shank and sticky date pudding as well.

Pinchos – Spanish Tapas Bar

Spanish restaurants in KL
Pinchos, Spanish Tapas Bar

Pinchos brings you classic Spanish tapas in a lively atmosphere. The Catalan owner here is obviously doing something right as it’s stood the test of a decade and continues to be one of the most visited spots on the dining and nightlife strip of Changkat.


best coffee kuala lumpur
KL’s Coffee Scene is Pumping!

From expertly prepared espresso based coffee to specialty beans and hand pours, KL’s coffee scene is pumping! The last five years has seen an explosion of cafes taking their sourcing, roasting and preparation of coffee extremely seriously. There are far too many places to name just one, so check out our list of most-endeared spots to get a caffeine fix.

Villa Danieli’s Sunday Brunch

best bubbly brunches in KL
Villa Danieli, Sunday Bubbly Brunch

We think Villa Danieli provides the best value for money bubbly brunch deal in the city. Go! Full stop.

Bottega Mediterranea – Saturday Mingle

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Bottega Mediterranea Saturday Mingle

Getting to know fellow expats and locals who enjoy a good meal and drink is very pleasant business at Bottega Mediterranea’s Saturday Mingle. Held once a month, chef Riccardo offers a free flow of Italian bites including tempting cold cuts and cheeses along with freshly made pasta, risottos and other classics, in a relaxed setting encouraging the community to meet and enjoy a casual afternoon.

Bars, Cocktails and Live Entertainment

best bars in Kuala Lumpur
Cocktails – They’re on the Rise!

Bars are another area of interest that are flourishing in KL. Again, there are too many good ones to pinpoint just one, so take your pick from our list that includes whisky bars, cocktail bars, specialty bars and a bars that offer a good night of live entertainment here.

 Wine Talk

best delivery services in Kuala Lumpur
Wine Talk – Wine Delivery and Wine Club

I don’t mean to imply that (some/many) expats are rather fond of a good tipple by pointing you towards more liquid refreshment, but this is one service you’ll be forever grateful for. Wine Talk delivers wine to your door. Need I say more?

And… it’s not just wine that gets delivered in this city, you can get just about anything you want brought to your home. Check out some of these home delivery services here.

What spots have you found around the city that provide a welcome taste of home?


  1. Thanks for your list of expat comforts…that’ll do mighty fine for non-expats too…hehe! 😀 Out of your list here, I’m drawn to Flint, Magnificent Fish & Chips and Pinchos and hope to check it out one day 🙂

  2. Lots to pick and choose, no worries…right here in Malaysia. 😉

  3. The food looks mouthwatering! I love fish and chips and haven’t had it for so long! 🙂

  4. How I would love a good solid plate of fish and chips now. Haven’t come across one that I liked enough in Penang as yet.

    • Harder than you’d think to find a good batch down here in the ‘big city’ too. Happy to have found the Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar for them.

  5. I would love to have the juicy Burger…yummy yummy. Oh and that fish&chips too…And the pizza…Mmmmmm
    Your list of expat comforts is a great idea…

    • As delicious as they may be, a good list when you need a little break from spice, noodles and rice. 🙂

  6. Going abroad gives you the chance to get to know yourself really well. In fact, many people leave their home country with the goal of ?finding themselves.? I think however, it?s important to know where your comfort zone is

  7. Thanks for the summary.

  8. Helpful list. Thanks.

  9. Good list. A few cafes here that I’m yet to try.

  10. Jeremy Myer

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  11. Dilly Dally Day

    Very useful. Thank you!

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