Month: June 2017

Jungle Bird, Rum Bar, Plaza Damansara

Jungle Bird, Rum Bar, Plaza Damansara

Words: Robin Pascucci    Photos: Monica Tindall Jungle Bird Rum Bar – An Educational Experience The last place I expected to have an educational experience was in a bar. And yet, I learned more about rum in an hour with the owners of the Jungle Bird …

Erik Fiza live cabaret shows in Kuala Lumpur

Erik Fiza, Beverage Manager for Suzie Wong KL

Erik Fiza In this interview, Erik Fiza, food and beverage manager for Suzie Wong Kuala Lumpur, tells how he entered the industry and some stories from behind the scenes. What do you do and how did you get into the industry? My name is Erik Fiza and I work as the Bevera…