Month: July 2018

Masciarelli Wine

Masciarelli Wine, Fine Abruzzo Wine, Italy

Monica Tindall Mention Italian wines and your first thoughts might turn to a Barolo from Piedmont, a rich powerful Amarone from Verona or a popular Super Tuscan. Rarely would the wines from Abruzzo make the list, unless, that is, you’re someone in the know. Well, a…

Castello di Semivicoli

Castello di Semivicoli, Boutique Hotel Abruzzo

Monica Tindall Who wants to sleep in a castle? Me! And, that is just what we did on our recent trip to Italy’s vibrant region of Abruzzo. Abruzzo – Top Travel Destination for 2018! Named CNN’s top travel destination for 2018, this beautiful area of Italy is only just b…