Month: April 2019

The Beach Club Langkawi

The Beach Club Langkawi, The Datai

Monica Tindall Dining on the beach is a must in Langkawi and if you want to do it in style make a reservation for The Beach Club at The Datai. Here you are promised a beautiful setting, warm-hearted service and high-quality cuisine. An open kitchen is covered with a gi…

XO Tea Australia in Malaysia

XO Teas Australia, Auresso Malaysia

Monica Tindall The Yum List chats with Ramesh Sinniah co-founder of Auresso Malaysia about the recent introduction of XO Teas Australia to the Malaysian market. Why XO Teas Australia? When it comes to premium teas, it’s always a challenge to find a balance betwee…

Gerald Chua JJ Supplier

Gerald Chua Sommelier JJ Wine Suppliers

Gerald Chua, a sommelier at JJ Suppliers, shares with us his personal growth within the industry and sheds some light on the difference between organic, biodynamic, natural and skin contact wine. What do you do? I am a manager and sommelier at JJ Wine and I peddle li…

beautiful restaurants Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Mesui – KL’s Fun Foodie Street

Most party-goers seem to know Changkat Bukit Bintang but have you heard of Jalan Mesui? Just two streets over from the popular night-spot another happening vibe has developed. Here you find a friendly mix of expats and locals out to have a fun time with good food, cr…

Knowhere KL

Cheapest Brunch in KL, Knowhere Bangsar

Words: Kitty Lang   Photos: Monica Tindall We think we’ve found the cheapest brunch in KL. While it’s certainly not the fanciest, those looking for a bargain will find the free-flow and pricing a steal! This economic brunch is held every Saturday a…

best fine dining restaDurants KL

DC Restaurant by Darren Chin, TTDI, Review

Words: Anna Chew   Photos: Monica Tindall The paradox of DC Restaurant and chef-proprietor Darren Chin is that it sets lofty standards and he constantly tries to break them. One cannot separate the emotive chef from the restaurant; his eye for perfection and de…

Le Petit Chef KL, The World’s Smallest Chef

Words: Anna Chew   Photos: Monica Tindall What do you bring with you when you enter Le Petit Chef’s lair? Probably a sprinkling of cynicism and a dash of excitement all rolled into one little package of expectation. If you’re in for a quirky and creative meal combin…

Gin Bar Kuala Lumpur

MariGin, New Gin Bar KL City Centre

Words: Kitty Lang  Photos: Monica Tindall Did you know the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’ originated during the war? Folk from the Netherlands would down a sizeable amount of gin, then run out to war, with a considerable, if not misguided, courage to fight. I’m not sure wh…

Larry Lam The Lolla Co

Larry Lam, Founder The Lolla Co, Amp Walk

Larry Lam, owner of The Lolla Co in Amp Walk chats with The Yum List about what drove him to enter the coffee business and some life-changing moments along the way. What do you do and how did you get into the industry? It’s quite a funny story about how […]

ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery, The RuMa KL

ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery, The RuMa KL

Words: Anna Chew   Photos: Monica Tindall Standards are set pretty high when dining in an establishment called Atas, located in one of the world’s most Instagrammable hotels. From the terracotta birdcage into the salon with the grand double staircase and s…