best veggie dishes in KL

10 Vegetarian Dishes You Have To Try in Kuala Lumpur

Whoever said veggies are boring can eat their words, as here we present some mouth-wateringly tempting vegetarian dishes – our current favourites around Kuala Lumpur. Click on the title link for prices, maps and further details.

Mushroom Barley Risotto – Organica Lifestyle

organica lifestyle
Mushroom Barley Risotto


Avocado Toast – Raisin’ The Roof

Raisin' The Roof
Avocado Toast


Asparagus – Mercat

mercat barcelona gastrobar


Portobello Mushroom and Buckwheat Stack – Ashley’s by Living Food

ashley's by living food
Portobello Mushroom and Buckwheat Stack

Mushrooms and Spinach Noodles – Real Food

real food mont kiara
Mushroom and Spinach Noodles


Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza – La Risata

La Risata Damansara
Shaved Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza

Cauliflower Manchurian – The Eighth Avenue KL

The Eighth Avenue KL
Cauliflower Manchurian


Ulam Platter with Maneesh – Dr. Inc

Dr. Inc, Bangsar
Ulam Platter with Maneesh

Carrot Pappardelle – Interlude

Interlude TTDI
Carrot Parppadelle
Favola, Italian restaurant, Le Meridien, KL
Classic Gragnano Oreccietti

Where are your favourite places to find a good vegetarian meal? Share your love with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Some vegans do not eat egg nor any dairy products. I would be happy with just the avocado on the sandwich, nice enough.

  2. Quite interesting but if I was meant to be a vegetarian, I think the
    ‘good Lord” of whatever religion would have made me a member
    of the grass and vegetation eating family – ie: yes a prize bull!!
    ( no knives in sight – stop sniggering Junior!)
    A “Red Brangus” would have been a good choice.
    I love my “vegies” but meat of some sort or fish needs to
    be on the same plate.
    El Colin Cordobes

  3. Avocado Toast is good enough to turn me into a one day-vegetarian 😛

  4. The presentations are eye candy!

  5. After all the over-indulging over Christmas, something healthy would be the right path to take! ;D

  6. What a tempting avacado toast ..Yum..

  7. Lovely looking meals, but I do like to have my fish or meat.

  8. Hello, your food photography is awesome. Everthing looks delicious. Happy Monday, enjoy yoru new week!

  9. I will pick Portobello Mushroom and Buckwheat Stack to try. Everything is nicely presented.

  10. I don’t know which one to start with…
    1. Mushroom and Spinach Noodles.
    2. Cauliflower Manchurian.
    3. Carrot Parppadelle. 🙂

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