Month: September 2018

Alvin Lim Taps Beer Bar Owner

Alvin Lim, Co-owner of Taps Beer Bar

Alvin Lim, co-owner of Taps Beer Bar & Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server, shares some stories from behind the scenes of one of Malaysia’s first craft beer bars. What do you do and how did you get into the industry? I am a Cicerone Program Certified Be…

Mercat Mont Kiara Barcelona Gastro Bar KL

Mercat Mont Kiara, Barcelona Gastro Bar

Words: Matt Jones Photos: Monica Tindall Occupying its own little lush green wedge on the ground floor corner of 1 Mont Kiara, this vibrant indoor-outdoor oasis is a wonderful little discovery. Dedicated to bringing the Spanish market feel to Kuala Lumpur (‘mer…

Top Things To Do In Yunnan

Top Things To Do In Yunnan Province, China

Words: Louise Miller Photos: Monica Tindall If I had to summarise Yunnan in just one word, my choice would be an easy one – diversity. This fascinating province in south-west China is known to be one of the country’s most diverse not only in terms of its ethnic …

Mikro Cafe Melawati

Mikro Café Melawati Menu – New Dishes

Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Our last visit to Mikro Café Melawati excited us with their excellent brew, compact menu and leafy casual setting. We’re happy to return today to check out their new menu with additional options for dinner and a couple o…

Taps Beer Bar Desa Park City

Taps Beer Bar, Craft Beer Desa Park City

Words: Kitty Lang Photos: Monica Tindall Taps Beer Bar in Plaza Arkadia is one of a small few craft beer bars in Kuala Lumpur. Owned by a group of cousins, one of whom is a beer expert, or ‘cicerone’ (the beer equivalent to a sommelier), the concept was born out […]