Best Vegetarian Dishes, Kuala Lumpur

Cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are catching on to the desires of more people making thoughtful food choices, considering not only the origins of their meals, but the effects on their health too, and as such have noted the increased demand for vegetarian options. Forget spaghetti with tomato sauce, these chefs have embraced the veg, and are dishing up some exciting recipes that even the most committed carnivore will enjoy devouring. Click on the title links to find our current favourite:


Best Vegetarian Dishes in Kuala Lumpur




vegetarian spaghetti
Marble 8
best vegetarian dishes kl
La Mexicana


vegetarian kl
Marini’s on 57
La Scala


best vegetarian
RGB Coffee at the Bean Hive


Food Matters
Chai Bar


vegetarian kl
Organica Lifestyle


vegetarian kl
Ashley’s by Living Food’s Mushroom Foie Gras

vegetarian kl
Ashley’s by Living Food

What are you favourite veggie dishes in Kuala Lumpur?

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  1. Not into vegetarian cuisine but I do like mushrooms…and egg. Some strict ones do not go for eggs and dairy products.

  2. Beautiful presentations here! The egg in your first photo is pretty much how I love my eggs…firm on the white, liquidy on the yellow.

  3. vegetarian with truffles is like cheating isn't it? hahaha.

  4. Is that nasi lemak? That must be the healthiest nasi lemak ever!

  5. Do they use soya milk in that nasi lemak? 😉

  6. Everything looks just delicious.. Many great choices! Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  7. Not much of a vegetarian, but you've got me hooked on the truffles pasta! xoxo

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