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Manda de Laos, Luang Prabang

Manda de Laos, Laotian Cuisine, Luang Prabang

Monica Tindall The only restaurant in Laos on the Secret Tables list, Manda de Laos is a true hidden gem. Located on what appears to be a poor urban street with motorbikes putting by and kids playing on the street, a garden lined entrance opens up to a hidden paradise. […]

Soleil, DC Mall

Soleil, DC Mall, French Sunday Brunch

Words: Patricia Podorsek           Photos: Monica Tindall When I think of celebrities I tend to conjure up the likes of talented athletes like David Beckham or talented actors like Nicole Kidman, but not often talented chefs. Yet …

Mandarin Grill, MOKL

New Chef at MOHKL, Sebastian Barcudes

New Chef at MOHKL Words: Louise Miller Photos: Monica Tindall The words elegance and luxury pretty much summarise my first impression of the Mandarin Grill. Muted shades of plush upholstery and fittings are offset by huge crystal chandeliers that seem to cascad…

REI, Contemporary Sushi Pop-Up

REI, Contemporary Pop-up Sushi Bar, TTDI

Words: Shaun Humphries     Photos: Monica Tindall As someone who’s currently floating through life, meeting a guy like Eddie Ng is a bit of an inspiration. As owner and head chef of REI Contemporary Sushi, Eddie knows exactly what he’s meant to do on …