Curious Kitchen Tropicana

Curious Kitchen Tropicana Avenue Rooftop

Curious Kitchen Tropicana Avenue Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Set on the second-floor rooftop of Tropicana Avenue, Curious Kitchen offers an expansive, garden-lined al fresco dining area. With these beautiful skies we’ve been enjoying latel…

Quivo On the Go Pavilion Delivery Menu

Quivo On the Go – Pavilion Delivery Menu

Quivo On the Go – Pavilion Delivery Menu Quivo On the Go Monica Tindall Many of you have probably walked past Quivo countless times if you are a regular to Pavilion shopping mall. Most likely, you’ve been tempted by their indoor-outdoor dining area and prime …

POP Pizza Mid Valley

POP Pizza, Mid Valley, American Diner

POP Pizza Mid Valley Monica Tindall Let me be clear from the start. POP Pizza is a vibrant, fun contemporary pizza joint. I imagine teenagers, children and a youthful audience loving the menu here. Over-the-top crazy shakes piled with candy higher than the glass i…


CHOCHA X PLAY – A Fun Kitchen Project KL

CHOCHA X PLAY Monica Tindall Some restaurant’s food and beverage are better suited to delivery than others. With a quick change to takeaway and delivery models over the pandemic, many had additional pressure to perform. ChoCha Foodstore is one of our go-to place…

Monroe Kuala Lumpur

Monroe KL, Restaurant at KLoé Boutique Hotel

Monroe Kuala Lumpur Monica Tindall Located on the first floor of KLoé Hotel, Monroe restaurant was originally set to be a north American-style diner. A few months into operation, however, the owners have decided to up the game and are in the process of refining the …

Crust KL Mont Kiara

Crust KL, Mont Kiara, Pizza, Burgers, Pasta

Crust KL Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Rich and I have been doing the round of KL’s pizza places and it seems we haven’t even made a dent in the scene. Every time we post a restaurant, you tell us of two more we must try. So today, we […]

Burgers Bangsar

The Blockbunsters, Burgers at Knowhere

The Blockbunsters: Knowhere the Pun Is Words: T.Jay  Photos: Monica Tindall There is no question that no matter what anyone thinks about COVID-19, it has changed our experiences in life, for now. One of the industries hit hardest is undoubtedly the restaurant an…